The world’s first online course combining photography and mindfulness for children aged 10-16. Designed to awaken a sense of wonder about the world, it takes children on a voyage of exploration and creativity through photography.

We are on a mission to kick your children’s summer holiday lethargy, get them outside and away from those Fortnite updates and Roblox worlds, and out into the real world with a twinkle in their eye.

The basics:

  • The investment for the course is £49.
  • You do not require a camera for this course, a phone with a camera is just fine!
  • Four films over four weeks for 5-9 year olds and 10-16 year olds. The films will be fun and engaging and hosted on Teachable with your own unique secure password. For the younger age group, we strongly encourage you to sit with your child during these sessions so that you can share in a sense of wonder and learn together.
  • A weekly interactive group webinar (in a private Facebook group for parents and children) where children can interact with the teaching, post their photos and get feedback etc.
  • Beautiful, full colour downloadable PDF worksheets with fun tasks sent to your inbox every week, which will inspire your child.
  • Part of a wonderful learning community on Facebook on all aspects of wonder, with daily posts, weekly tips on how to improve photography, and encouragement and advice offered on different forms of creativity.

“This course inspired me to want to become a photographer! I now don't want to go anywhere without a camera!”

— Sam, aged 10, Teddington, London

“I just can’t express how special the Cultivating Wonder course is. It accomplishes so many positive things: inspires creativity; opens the children’s (and parents’) eyes to the beauty around us that we often just don’t see in our accelerated/tech heavy lives; it connects like-minded children; sparks the imagination; promotes kindness; inspires children to take their photography further... and above all, does exactly what it aims to do – cultivates wonder, which is the most magical emotion.”

— Louisa, mother of Cultivating Wonder student